“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”     –Philippians 4:13

October 10, 2018                                                                                       

Dear CCUMC Family,

The next five weeks are going to be an exciting time for our church as we begin and journey through our fall stewardship campaign, “Building Blocks of CCUMC!”

We know that Jesus Christ is the foundation of CCUMC. Each of us and the ministries we provide are the “building blocks” of CCUMC!    These building blocks serve our church, community, and the world!  Taking time to pray for our vital ministries and church staff is crucial to the future of CCUMC.  A church is most exciting when we see lives being touched by the ministry of its people, so each week during the morning worship services there will be a CCUMC Moment when we will hear from someone who has been touched by the ministry of this church.

Over the upcoming weeks remember the wonderful ministries that CCUMC has provided over the years, be in prayer for our current ministries, and be excited about the future of our ministries!  Please click on the link to find the Stewardship calendar and hold that ministry or staff person in prayer.

Stewardship Calendar

Much Love,